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A VPN (virtual private network) is a network that simulates your original internet connection but it is channeled through another server, so if you are in France and you use a US Vpn all your web request will first go to US VPN’s server which will then send the request to your destination whose response will be transferred back to the VPN’s server and back to your network, what this will do is change your visible location from France to US, so you get the point? If you don’t have netflix in your country you can always change your country. I mean virtually.

So this :




Will turn into this :

free netflix account


How to add VPN ?

Almost every lastest smartphones,tablets,pc supports PC. Here is how you can add it in windows

First of all simply type ‘vpn’ in your start bar :


Click the first option



Click on ADD Vpn Connection and add the information by downloading it from below


That’s all you need to do! Get your free vpn for netflix from below


VPNStatusDownload Details
Netflix VPN 3 USOnlineGet VPN
Netflix VPN 13 EUOnlineGet VPN
Netflix VPN 7 USOnlineGet VPN

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