Free Netflix Accounts 2016 – Best Guide

Free Netflix accounts and passwords 2016

Free Netflix Accounts: Anatomy of How to Grab & Use Step Wise With Best Guide “Infographic” (2016 Update)

When it comes to free Netflix accounts and passwords, there are many other sources where you can get fake ones. We’re sure you’ve heard enough about free Netflix account and password where you must have eventually find it worthless.

If your looking for some legit ones, follow this best guide and you would surely love nothing else but this infographic. Later, you can use this guide to access the Netflix site with ease and free “Guaranteed”.

We don’t want to brag things up to velvet your trust by writing immense pleasant content like other mostly do and later you ultimately finds the free Netflix accounts they provide decisively hopeless after putting in your effort.

So accordingly, we brought you the guide to unleash the leading techniques and simple methods to get free Netflix accounts and passwords.

But wait…

I’ll also highlight and encounter every individual problems and I’ll also convoy you with band-aid to the problems you might face with Netflix .

Here’s the ultimate guide for free Netflix accounts and password

Free netflix accounts and passswords 2016

Here’s my take on the free Netflix account from the infographic:

1.  About Netflix


Everybody knows about Netflix. Its the best platform to watch all kinds of movies, cartoon, series, documentary and others.

Recently, It is has been launched worldwide after a long wait. Before, only some restricted areas and their people were able to access the Netflix with ease.

But Still…

Those premium members aren’t lucky enough to “Netflix and Chill” with all the privileges that comes in handy for them monthly.

Really! But Why?

Well, I’ll heed on those problems for you guys later.

But the fact is…

Quite many of them had has been and still facing problems with Netflix. I’ll be focusing on those problems in particular and later, I’ll unveil the best possible methods and solutions to those troubles you hate with Netflix and free Netflix accounts and passwords which are premium.


2. Where is Netflix Currently Available ?


Netflix now operates in almost every country around the world, but what you can see varies hugely.

Lets look in to that..

There are 3 types of region concerning about Netflix availability.

As you can observe the Infograph above, it shows you 3 different highlighted regions “Red“, “Pink” and “Grey“. These are highlighted accordingly to whether a region is indexed, not indexed or not available.

The Red ones are those region where the Netflix is available, and their respective countries are indexed.

The Pink are those region where the Netflix is available, and their respective countries are not indexed.

The Grey are those where is Netflix isn’t available there officially.

But, What is index ?

Those region are called index if their is a full access to privileges for viewers at Netflix. They have no restrictions to a limited amount of titles to watch. In fact, every new release of a title comes the most early for the Red ones especially the USA.

Here’s the Red ones. USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark etc.

Well the good news is, Netflix has put in a great effort by including 130 more countries to its list which are reportedly highlighted in Pink by infograph.

But the bad side is 🙁

those regions ain’t indexed yet. Those within have no rights and privileges to view every title they are willing to watch but a limited access to  the few ones.

Note:- When ever I say “Netflix Titles” that means a collection of movies, TV serials, documentries and others merged all together.

Some countries hasn’t been even included by Netflix due to their personal concerns. Those are highlighted by Grey at infograph. It includes China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria.

Well here you can view and understand much more with the help of this wonderful work by Check this below.

2. What Platforms they offer at ?

I personally don’t feel explaining this part. Its veryFree netflix accounts and password 2016obvious without a doubt for   where you can access Netflix.

Wherever you got a access to internet with whatever device, you can ingress yourself with Netflix It’s as simple as that.

Free netflix accounts and password 2016

Whether if it’s Xbox, Play Station, Apple Tv, Chrome device, Tablets and many others as far as you can access internet on.

Though internet is crucial, but the speed does also really matters in order to stream without any pauses. Therefore, the speed can be a problem.

But, Don’t Worry!  I’ll be going through everything. I also have solution to that as well.Free netflix accounts and password 2016

Just wait for the magic down below.

4. Here’s the Problems with Band-Aid

This is the most crucial part as my opinion. So far, after a long study and research I’ve come to these 5 problems that a user might face while streaming Netflix.

I’ve also found the way these can be elucidated with ease. I’ll be focusing every individual problem to you and a step wise solutions to them.

There can be several solutions to any problem. It’s all up to you which one you’d like to hang with. But I promise you every single one will be working with the best guide,

1.   Availability

As mentioned above in detail that the Netflix is now available globally but still, those users where the Netflix is available but isn’t index yet have to suffer with only limited titles to watch.

Well I personally did searched if they are working on those so called not indexed regions to available every title as soon as it releases officially whether a movie, TV serial and others.

Well, seems like it’s gonna take some time. We can’t wait for that.

By far especially USA has the edge over this. Every single title is first to be released at USA Netflix.

For a step-by-step solution just scroll down!

2.   Inequality

Indeed, some geeks are just fad up of this stuff. They can’t access all those titles as a USA subscriber can.

It’s of no use to subscribe Netflix where people are in the Pink tertiary.

Better try accessing it with a USA dedicated IPs. Isn’t that a solution Right!

Well for more further details just scroll to it’s solution.

3.   Limitations

Many can only view limited no of titles. Absolutely, as I’ve mentioned in details above what are the causes and the reason people face these troubles.

I don’t think I’d have to again repeat the fact that it’s all because of the indexification purpose.

So let’s move forward without any delays.

4.   Not Free






Do you want to Free Netflix Account and chill? but you are broke? Don’t have the money? or Netflix is not available for you? whatever the situation is we have free Netflix accounts for you and way to bypass the country restrictions,for that you simply need a free private proxy or vpn (we have that too!), with free Netflix accounts you can view all the movies on Netflix for free. What do we want in return? We would be thankful if you visit our sponsor and complete their offer its really easy, just follow the on screen instructions. We constantly update our site with latest accounts. Some of them might be expired or have their passwords changes, that is why we have a list of collection so you can always choose another one.

Disappointed? How to access Netflix at some region? We have some other great stuff other then Proxies and VPNs waiting for those who can’t access Netflix at unavailable region. Italy, Poland Austria and some other Asian regions are some examples where the user can’t ingress themselves into the world of Netflix. Well grab the opportunity a full step-by-step & pictures based tutorial for those who have a bad time with Netflix. For more details and tutorial click here for Free netflix accounts and password tutorial. Mean while, hook up yourselves with free Netflix accounts and password from below.

To start check out the available accounts below. Have fun Netflixing.

Note : Some of these accounts might not work, while we are constantly trying to keep useless accounts away you can help us remove them by mailing This will help us to provide everyone with a free netflix account.

Free Netflix Accounts September 2016 list : Updated



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We have come up with the news recently leaked about the Netflix and have taken the benefit of it. Some of the few Netflix Premium accounts have been hacked a short while ago by the elite hackers. So therefore, we have taken a beneficial step for the sake of our visitors and providing you guys with those hacked Netflix premium accounts we have just recently gathered from a third party organization. So therefore, We have decided to give away those for free by us to you.

Note:- The reason why we haven’t merged these hacked accounts with the free Netflix account we are providing on the table above is because, the accounts we are giving are 100% save, secure, updated and lastly they are legit and surely legal to get hands on with. Please also note that we would not take any guarantee or responsibility of these hacked Netflix accounts as we are not sure about it. Per download there are 2 different free Netflix account and password available in. One of them is certainly working and the other may not. Make sure you immediately change the password after you obtain for the sake of immunity.

Download the recently Hacked Netflix Account from below.

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Free Netflix Accounts 2016 with Password
Free netflix account and password, Free netflix accounts 2015, netflix account free, netflix free account, netflix for free, netflix free trail

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